High Amp Fuse Alarm Panel

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75Amp-Bus-High Amp
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    GMT Fuse 75Amp High Amp

    Key Features



    High Amp: 75Amp per bus

    GMT/Bussman fuse

    GMT Type Fuse Panel

    It provides protection and alarm function for the power supply to PCM or other equipment.

    Provises the fuses and alarm light in the front, the terminals are located at the rear. The remote alarm system would be noted when the alarm light is on. Dimension: Please refer the spec. sheet. Case: Rust-proof steel panel. Terminals: Tinned brase pin terminals. Fuse: 2A, 5A, 10A, 15A(as required.)  Retractable fuse: The fuse may be replaced from the front. High capacity: UP to 24 power supply circuits, it can be installed in 19 inched and 23 inched or EIA standard racks. Easy maintenance: Each fuse provides individual circuit to avoid any interruption to the power supply to the adjacent lines during the replacement.


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